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This blog is all about doing things the “right” way without trying to steal other peoples‘ ideas and expertise.  We do cooperate with the public services, even if they don’t cooperate with us.

See below from Ms Grech when we asked about the increase in road maintenance costs due to NC500.

Dear Ms Grech

Thank you for this, however it is disappointing that there are no figures about pre and post maintenance costs.  Perhaps this is something THC might like to consider in the future.  As traffic builds up also because of the North Highland Way, it is a genuine concern.  Although people will be walking, cycling and horse riding the walkers will need transport to some places, as will the cyclists.  The horse riders will need parking for their boxes as we move forward.  I know that THC are behind this project, but Mr. Barron is quite correct not to commit further funds until he knows that the project will go ahead in its entirety.  I have received a letter of support from the Scottish Government and the priorities are to push the NHW up the agenda in Holyrood as well as Westminster in persuading Michael Gove and Fergus Ewing to allocate funds to the SDRP.  If you are interested in this you can contact Malcolm Duce for a copy of the letter.
I will conclude my research project on this phase at the end of November 2018.
Kind regards.

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