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This is the “right” way to develop a project. We have asked the Highland Council to create a sustainable tourism area across the North of Scotland. They said “no” because they would have to pay for it.  Not the promoter, but someone else, just like the community consultation. It’s not happening then, but we will have a conference about Sustainable Development and Tourism, it just won’t be in Scotland.

The area in question is from Duncansby Head to John o Groats and 10 miles inland. We wanted to include three spurs off the route, but the RPSB will not play ball for the one to Forsinard, nor will the Ulbster Arms at Halkirk, nor will the folk at Barrock. Their loss! If anyone can persuade them to cooperate and email us, that would be great. Email to tinadirving @ (no spaces).

We will be carrying out a survey of landowners commencing in February 2019 for a year.  We have a database of landowners, and we will know who has submitted, so if you do manage to access the system, you won’t be able to respond more than once, or if you are not on the list.



Rachel Carson was the first environmentalist.  Read her book, the Silent Spring, available on Amazon.   TDM Consultancy will shortly launch Rachel Carson Enterprises as a branch of TDM Consultancy, as assisted by the local Council in Northern Ireland. These guys KNOW about business. We will be launching the Spanish week (3-7 June) in January 2019, under the auspices of the Hispanic Society of Carrickfergus, another sustainable tourism project backed by one, but two, Councils. Competa Council have already taken on board the sustainable tourism concept. Lets hope the people in the north of Scotland do.

This is proposed for the North Highland Way. But the Highland Council said no.

There will be a sustainable tourism course on line as from the end of April.    Cost will be £80 to access.

There is now a project plan on line.. but only Friends of the North Highland Way can access it.

If you want to help the Green Movement, you can help here.


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